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View our line card of polymer solutions that support sustainability efforts.

October 27, 2020
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Dow: ENGAGE™ Product Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Learn all about Dow ENGAGE™ POEs in this product selection guide.
Dow: Flexible Food & Specialty Packaging
Product Selection Guide
Learn about Dow flexible food and specialty packaging in this product guide.
Dow: Flexible Plastic Packaging - It's the Total Package!
Watch this video presented by Dow that shows the sustainable benefits of flexible plastic packaging.
Dow: Guide to Product Handling
Product Bulletin
Discover the benefits of Dow Elastomer products in this product handling guide.
Dow: High Density Polyethylene Resins
Product Bulletin
Learn more about industry essential resins for blow molding and injection molding.
Dow: High-Pressure Copolymers
Avient Distribution is an authorized distributor of Dow high-pressure copolymers.
DuPont: Delrin® Acetal® Homopolymer Resin – Molding Tips
Technical Bulletin
Learn molding tips to maximize the mechanical properties of your Delrin® parts.
DuPont: Delrin® vs Acetal Copolymer White Paper
Read how to maximize Delrin® Acetal Homopolymer mechanical performance
DuPont: Delrin® Low Emissions for Auto Applications
Product Bulletin
See how Delrin® E-grades help you meet requirements for low emissions.
DuPont: High Consistency Rubber for Medical Devices
Product Selection Guide
What are HCRs and where are they used? Learn more here
DuPont: Hytrel® Product Reference Guide
Product Selection Guide
See how Hytrel® TPC-ET materials gives you the power to innovate!
DuPont: Investing in Liveo™ Healthcare Silicones
Click here to learn more about the investments DuPont is making in their Liveo product portfolio.
DuPont: Liquid Silicone Rubber for Medical Devices
Product Selection Guide
Review applications and learn more in this product selection guide
DuPont: Liveo Solutions in Wearable Devices
The healthcare silicones you trust have a new brand name
DuPont: Minlon® and Zytel® Design Info
Technical Bulletin
Learn in depth insights into designing for Minlon® and Zytel® materials
DuPont: Rynite® Product Guide
Product Selection Guide
Read how Rynite® PET materials can help you achive high strength and stiffness.
DuPont: Silicone Elastomers for Medical Devices
Application Bulletin
Read more on DuPont’s innovative Liveo product family
DuPont: Silicone Elastomers for Medical Devices
Application Bulletin
Read more on DuPont’s innovative Liveo™ product family
DuPont: Zytel® PLUS Nylon Brochure
Product Bulletin
Learn how Zytel® PLUS can help meet the challenges of performance, cost, and processing.
Eastman: 32 Cavity Mold
Watch how Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is used with our 32-cavity hot-runner mold.



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