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April 8, 2020
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Avient: Anti-Fog Properties
Product Bulletin
Read about the importance of minimized fogging in food packaging.
Avient: Automotive Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Learn more about polymer solutions for automotive applications
Avient: Automotive Brochure
Industry Bulletin/Overview
Learn more about material solutions for automotive.
Avient: Automotive Colorants Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Selection guide on frequently requested black shades of interior colorants from Avient.
Avient: Avoid Lightweighting Mistakes
Learn four ways to ensure you don’t take any missteps when removing weight
Avient: Boost Off-Road Performance
Boost the off road experience with advanced polymer materials that deliver innovation.
Avient: Catheters & Speciality Medical Tubing Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Explore the flexible material solutions for catheters and specialty medical tubing
Avient: Chemically Compatible TPEs
Application Bulletin
Learn more about chemically compatible TPEs for cosmetic packaging.
Avient: Color and Additives Overview
Industry Bulletin/Overview
Customized color and additive solutions
Avient: Color-Material-Finish
Five ways to bring clarify to color, material & finish selection.
Avient: Composite Brace Saves Weight, Improves Performance
Learn how a composite brace saved weight, improved structural integrity.
Avient: Density-Modified Closures Case Study
Case Study
Learn how distinguished beverage closures connote luxury.
Avient: Detectable Black Technology
Product Bulletin
Understand how black polymers can be detected by NIR (near infrared) automatic sorting equipment.
Avient: Drug Delivery Device Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Guide to help you make informed decisions about material selection based on your specific device requirements and the regulatory protocols that apply for this healthcare segment
Avient: Drug Delivery Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Selection Guide of all materials that we produce or distribute that are suitable for this healthcare segment
Avient: Flexible Bonding for Healthcare
Technical Bulletin
Testing results of Avient's thermoplastic elastomer and Henkel Corporation's LOCTITE® adhesives prove optimization of the assembly process.
Avient: Flexible Packaging Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Polymer solutions for flexible packaging that keeps pace with market dynamics and ever-evolving consumer preferences.
Avient: Glow in the Dark Controller Grips Appeal to Trend-Loving Gamers
Case Study
Learn how Avient helped a gaming accessories company take aim at new opportunities.
Avient: Healthcare Engineering Services Brochure
Product Selection Guide
Read about the engineering services available for streamlining the product development cycle
Avient: Healthcare Line Card for Asia (Chinese)
Line Card
View our line card of polymer solutions for the healthcare industry in Asia.



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