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October 27, 2020
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Arkema: Chemical Resistance of Medical Grade Polymers Brochure
Better understand the chemical resistance of Arkema's medical-grade specialty polymers.
Avient: Anti-Fog Properties
Product Bulletin
Read about the importance of minimized fogging in food packaging.
Avient: Automotive Interior Overview
Application Bulletin
Learn more about trends in automotive interior applications, and what material solutions we recommend.
Avient: Chemically Compatible TPEs
Application Bulletin
Learn more about chemically compatible TPEs for cosmetic packaging.
Avient: Color-Material-Finish
Five ways to bring clarify to color, material & finish selection.
Avient: Density-Modified Closures Case Study
Case Study
Learn how distinguished beverage closures connote luxury.
Avient: Detectable Black Technology
Product Bulletin
Understand how black polymers can be detected by NIR (near infrared) automatic sorting equipment.
Avient: Glow in the Dark Controller Grips Appeal to Trend-Loving Gamers
Case Study
Learn how Avient helped a gaming accessories company take aim at new opportunities.
Avient: Impress™ High Gloss Metallic Effect Colorants
Product Bulletin
Learn how to achieve amazing packaging effects, like high-gloss metallic-effect colorants, in this product bulletin.
Avient: Material Selection Infographic
Challenge your thinking with these material selection variables in mind.
Avient: Medical Device Disinfection: How to Prevent Cracking and Crazing
Technical Bulletin
Read this technical bulletin to understand why polymer performance is key to minimizing disinfectant-related failures.
Avient: Soft Touch Packaging
Product Selection Guide
Looking for a packaging differentiator? Consider adding soft touch.
Avient: What's the Difference? Nylon 6 vs 66
Explore the differences between nylon 6 and nylon 66 to find out which is right for you.
Covestro: Apec® for Automotive Lighting
Product Selection Guide
Learn about the benefits of Apec® for automotive lighting from Covestro.
Glass-filled Makrolon® delivers superior and long-lasting strength for critical medical devices
Covestro: Illuminating Ideas: Material Solutions for LED Lighting
Product Selection Guide
Read about Covestro’s material solutions for LED lighting.
Covestro: Makrolon® Polycarbonate for Outdoor Lighting Applications
Product Selection Guide
Read about Covestro’s Makrolon® LED materials for lighting applications.
Covestro: Makrolon® Rx2235 Brochure
Product Bulletin
Going to greater lengths of innovation
Covestro: Makrolon® Rx3440 for IV Connectors
Product Selection Guide
Read about Covestro’s Makrolon® materials for IVs
Covestro: Material Solutions for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
Product Selection Guide
Learn about Covestro’s material solutions for electronic vehicles.



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